Consciences cant even think about! How Satanists they are! They are the Apes & Demons wasting the value of God

World bank doing all business globally! See how many projects all over pay own debts countries. By maps

Happy Easter 12th April 2020

Last supper Jesus said come & eat! Come & drink! Then left all! God is asking you all why

Bye Corona for good. All of it is faking the world & all updatings are fake in TV channels! Rigged crooked system due to who ever data feeding! Plus Ratio's are wrong between Recovered & death case in the pictures! Faking the world wide with this international business way that took over nations! Study well those figures & learn by your own calculations! What matter are death & recovered cases only! Out standing figures for what? For any calculations! Think wise!   CORONA now!-------World Bank---Administrations-------Nations----Families-----What was about SARS Virus before!----End The Subject

Many acting proud of own home land but not all! Would also be against other home lands? Deal with it

Now Pandemic World Corona Virus other than Conscience hacking, connection & unknown destiny to victims! Unknown destiny to all! Deal with it


  I am a human Updated 15th Feb, 2020


I speak: God, Peace & Freedom along with Humanity & Wisdom! Facts & Logic as well as the Truth

Tank you God! Thank you God! Means







Are we real or fake? Ask your selves

Sooner you will see other proves from other text pictures at the end of page. Thank you & God bless

A dream in this planet

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